My pages are almost always under serious reconstruction.
Please excuse the mess if you find one.

Image of Me Hey! I'm Linda J Owens... this is my page, a work in progress. I studied for a degree in Web Design, and this page is where I have experimented, and worked on different coding, trying to make it work. If it looks odd at any particular time, its probably because I am working on it again!

When I'm not working on my web page, I'm browsing Facebook, or working on an embroidery project. I like to go bowling, but I'll admit I'm really not good at it at all. Sometimes its a real source of frustration.

I am single, no kids, well, not the people kind anyway. I live with my disabled mother, and Opie is our fuzzkid. I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, musical theater, and the creative process of Web design.

Proud to be a Christian Got Jesus?

I Love to Read

Don't Mess With Texas My Kid Has 4 Paws

You Ate My Cookies Iced Tea Drinker

The ProtectorsMom and I wrote a book. The Protectors is a fantasy/fiction novel about a family that is caught in a curse caused by love, jealousy, and rage. After 400 years and no baby girls born into the Owens family, golden haired R'Lee's miraculous birth proclaims the possibility of finally breaking the scourge. The result is a clash between the Protectors and Legion, in an epic battle that is fought across distance and time itself, between the forces of good and the darkness of evil. See "The Protectors" page to for information about how to get your copy.

Here is Opie, our fuzzkid. OpieHe is half Yorkie and half Maltese. So far all I've seen is the Yorkie part of him: stubborn! But, precious too. Opie was taken from his mother much too soon... at about four and a half weeks. But it wasn't by us.

Actually he's mom's dog, but he tends to sleep with me. Mostly likely because that big old cat won't let him on mom's bed.

Animated Pom Animated Pom Animated Pom