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These days almost anyone can build a web site. But not everyone has the creative understanding to "design" a web site. The difference between building and designing is in the aesthetics of the page. A web site builder creates a page, but will it function? Is the coding up to current W3C standards? A designed web site will be all of these things, and more. That's my job... I'm a web designer.

About 10 years ago I became infatuated with creating Web pages. I experimented on several social networks that would allow limited HTML coding. I would get excited when a certain code would actually work! Then I took two small classes from my local community college and then the bug bit me. After some time, it became clear that my current career wasn't going anywhere, so I decided to go back to school for a degree. A change of career seemed the best option. I enrolled in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division, and now my passion is Web Design. In the course of a well-rounded education, you'll find many of my projects here in my portfolio.

I am a member of the Web Design & Developers Association for the past two years. I am proud to display their logo on my portfolio. Since 1996, the WDDA has been dedicated to promoting ethical business practices and a family friendly, child safe Internet.