My pages are currently under serious reconstruction.
Please excuse the mess.

Image of Me Hey! I'm Linda... this is my page, a work in progress. I studied for a degree in Web Design, and this page is where I have experimented, and work on different coding, trying to make it work. If it looks odd at any particular time, its probably because I'm messing with it again!
My student and professional portfolio link will open a new browser window. There you will find all the class projects I worked on. These are my favorites, and best.
I am single, no kids, well, not the people kind anway! See those dogs down there, below? Those are my kids. I am a Christian. I enjoy reading, writing, musical theater, and the creative process of Web design.

I Love Poms Animal Rescue

Proud to be a Christian Got Jesus?

I Love to Read

Don't Mess With Texas My Kid Has 4 Paws

You Ate My Cookies Iced Tea Drinker

This is Baybee, she is a 9-year-old black Pomeranian. Most of the time I call her BB. She is my fuzzkid! She is getting that regal look that older Poms get. When BB was very young, she was left with a vetrenarian with instruction to euthanize her. She was so overweight she could hardly walk, and had a bad case of mange. Baybee The vet decided not to end her life, so put her on a diet and cleared up her skin condition. She was put up for adoption through She was two years old and still very much like a puppy. She just craved attention. She didnt have a single hair on her body that wasn't black! Now, her muzzle is turning gray, but she still has a her favorite toys. She is my baby girl.

Then here is Opie, he is just a puppy, 3 months old in the photo. OpieHe is half Yorkie and half Maltese. So far all I've seen is the Yorkie part of him: stubborn! But, precious too. Opie was taken from his mother much too soon... at about four and a half weeks. Actually he's mom's dog, but he tends to cling to me for some reason. Probably because he likes to be where BB is.

Animated Pom Animated Pom Animated Pom