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Current class is to create my Sophomore Digital Portfolio.
Now maybe I'll be able to do more here, and gather up many of my class projects and make a presentation of them.
Good News!

Well, guess what? I'm well into my third year as a student of Web Design and Interactive Media at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division. Its been an amazing journey. It has been somewhat frustrating, and a whole lot interesting. Honestly, I never thought I'd ever make it this far. Who knows! I might even graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Web Design. Won't that be a kick in the butt!!

This page is probably best viewed in Mozilla Firefox. I'm working on some issues with spacing in CSS. I just don't have the time I would like to dedicate to keeping my own space updated. Classes just get in the way! I can get the page to look good in Firefox, or I can get the page to look good in Internet Explorer. So far, no luck with both at the same time! As always, its a work in progress. The difference that I see (especially if you are using yet another browser), is the navigation links. I see them all in one row in Firefox, but they are doubled, a couple of them are stacked, in Internet Explorer.

I'm single, and no kids, 55 years old, in (USA) Rockdale, Texas. I enjoy reading. Science fiction mostly. Sometimes a crime mystery or a biography. I also enjoy musical theatre; I likeMy first scrollsaw 

inside cut project woodworking, and spending time with my 2 dogs, Priss and Baybee. Two very spoiled rotten Pomeranians .
I like doing PiYo. Thats a combination of Pilates and Yoga.

We can chat anytime you see me online: or you can email me. A link to my email is here E-mail address

I'm here for internet friends with similar interests. Something in common... things we can talk about. Maybe something more someday. You never know. Don't mess with Texas!
I'd like you to meet Priss and Baybee. They're my kids, fuzzy though they are.
If you've ever heard an old saying, "Love me, love my dog!" I'm afraid that seriously applies here.

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Pom named Priss      Priss, a red pomeranian was rescued from a terrible situation. She had been abandoned in a chicken coop. I suppose the lady that adopted her didn't realize the grooming needs of a pom. Its critical to their care and can be an overwhelming task for someone not ready to do that. Priss was sent out to the chicken coop and neglected. She was fed, but little else. Her coat was a solid mass of mud, grass burrs, chicken feathers and matted hair. She was a little underweight too. I'm surprised she didn't have every parasite known to mankind. She needed love. Now we are a family.I Love Pom's

If its not a Pom, its just a 

dog!      Love me, Love my dogs!

Pom named BB      Baybee, or BB as I call her most often, was left with a veternarian with instructions to euthanize her. She was awfully overweight and had a bad case of mange. Most of her coat had fallen out and her skin was pocked with awful sores. The kindhearted vet decided not to end her life. They put her in a diet and cleared up the mange and she was put up for adoption. I found her in a local rescue shelter. Now BB and Priss are my kids. Animal rescue saves lives

Scott BakulaI am a big fan of actor Scott Bakula. I have followed his career for several years, and have traveled from one side of the country to the other to see him perform on live musical theater stage. Me and Scott BakulaScott is a wonderful stage performer and singer. Did you know that he has even been nominated for a Tony Award? Thats the one they give out for Broadway plays in New York! Scott is a warm person and very open and friendly. I've met Scott several times and every time was like the first. When you speak to him, his entire attention is on you. You might be surrounded by dozens of people, but for that moment, you are all that matters.

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